Guest 277 26th Oct, 2020

                         To whom it may concern

The domain licensemaker.com is registered on your behalf at JOKER.COM.

We got an announcement that the address-record of the owner of
this domain may be incomplete or wrong. Therefore we have "freezed"
the status of that domain, so nobody can change anything related
to that domain until the case is finished.

We are acting according the rules set by www.ICANN.org to which
all registrars are bound.

Please fill out the provided form and send it to Joker.com by FAX within 14 days
(see also the T&C Art. 5 you agreed to).
Please understand that email or other forms cannot be accepted.
If Joker.com does not receive this document within 14 days, the domain has to be
set on 'hold', which means it will not be usable regularly.

Fax +49 211 86767 6449

CSL Computer Service Langenbach GmbH Hansaallee 191-193
Department of Domains / Invalid Address
40549 Dueüsseldorf
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